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Ombre Brows

1st initial session $549
2nd follow up session $249
Yearly Touch up $249
consultation $50


Ombre is powder brow with a soft, gradual beginning. 
This cosmetic tattoo method is suitable for all healthy skin types. in most cases,
 powder brow will last longer then Microblading. The pixeled, powdered effect is created with a machine that consists of 1- 3 fine needles that implant pigment into the skin. The pixels are evenly spread throughout the eyebrow giving a soft yet full, powdered makeup result. 

Why Ombre Brow? 
Ombre powder brow allows you to achieve a fuller more defined brow whilst also keeping a natural, soft beginning. lasts longer then most other natural brow tattoo techniques offered today. 
Powder brow has the cleanest fade affect. 


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