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Will natural brow hairs be removed? 
These techniques allow us to work through your natural brow hairs, there for not needing to remove them like some other techniques. The only natural hairs getting removed will be the odd ones out side of the chosen shape. 

Is it painful?
It can be uncomfortable and everyone responds differently to the procedure.​ Some clients experience little to no discomfort with correct numbing, Others describe it as a scratching feeling .Anesthetic/numbing cream will be applied to your brows 20 minutes before the procedure and anesthetic/numbing gel during the procedure. This will help greatly with discomfort and bleeding.

Can this be done while pregnant?
We do not recommended that you have any cosmetic brow tattoo procedures done while pregnant.
Numbing cream cannot be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Your pain tolerance will be much lower which could cause unnecessary stress and a heightened blood pressure.

Can this be done with no present brow hairs? 
Yes, we will measure and design you some new eyebrows, even with no existing hair.

How long is the recovery time? 
The recovery time comes down to how well you heel. After the procedure, the brow area will be red and slightly swollen for a few hours. After approximately 5 days some eyebrows will begin to lightly flake and other will lightly scab. This will last for up to 5 days.

Can this be done over old tattoo?
In most cases yes! However if the old tattoo is a permanent ink tattoo or very dark it is unlikely to be successful. Powder brow has a higher success rate for covering old tattoo. 

What colour's are available? 
We have many colours available, from Sandy blonde to Ebony brown, even grey! We will choose a colour that matches your skin tone and hair colour for the first session. The shade can be altered with a different colour, come the 2nd session.  

What is involved in a consultation?
A medical history form needs to be filled out, in order to make sure this procedure is suitable for you. A consent form needs to be signed to make sure you understand the procedure, its results & risks.
We then discuss your desired brow shape and how we can achieve this. Your brows will be measured to precision and a shape will be created with a pencil. Once the desired shape is agreed on we will apply a few shades of pigment onto your skin to determine the correct colour. 

Is one session enough?
No, to complete the procedure, you must have 2 full sessions.
The 1st session will create a base, which will fade considerably. 
The 2nd session cements the colour and creates longevity whilst filling in any patches from pigment that may have dropped out.  

How long after the 1st session, is the 2nd session?
Approximately 4 weeks. Your eyebrows need to be completely healed in order to proceed with the 2nd session. Ideally the 2nd session needs to be done within 6 weeks of the 1st session.​Leaving the 2nd session for any longer then 6 weeks, may result in needing a 3rd session. 

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