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Eyelash Extensions 

Classic Individual Lashes

Natural $70

(40 Lashes per eye) 35 mins

Lush $90
(60 Lashes per eye) 50 mins

Glam $120
(80 Lashes per eye) 70 mins

Extra Glam $150
(100 lashes per eye) 90 mins


3D Volume or Hybrid Lashes

Natural $75

(40 fine 3d Lashes per eye) 35 mins

Lush $105
(60 fine 3d Lashes per eye) 50 mins

Glam $135
(80 fine 3d Lashes per eye) 70 mins

Extra Glam $165
(100 fine 3d lashes per eye) 90 mins


Party Lashes
(Last 1-2 days) 

Natural $35

(15 clusters per eye) 15 min

Glam $70 
(30 clusters per eye) 35 min


Lash extension removal
(15 mins)

From $25


What are Eyelash Extensions?
Fine, synthetic hairs that mimic the natural lash are applied individually to your lashes, creating curl, length, & fullness.

How long do Eyelash Extensions last?
Approximately 3-5 weeks with correct care.
Infill's recommended every 2-3 weeks depending on the set and care.
Generally lash extensions fall out as your natural lash falls out at the end of its cycle so don't be alarmed if you see a natural lash attached to an extension.
A new lash will grow in its place.

lash extensions could fall out as early as the day after applied dependent on your lash cycle.

What is the difference between Classic Individuals,
3d Volume, Hybrid & Party Lashes?

Classic Individuals consist of 1 single lash applied to 1 natural lash. They are of a medium thickness and give the most natural effect depending on thickness. 
3d Volume consist of 3 very fine lashes clustered together and applied to 1 natural lash. They achieve a fluffy full appearance. 
Hybrid includes both classic individuals & 3d volumes to get the best of both worlds. 
Party Lashes are a great one off for a special event, without the commitment. They are applied with latex glue and hold for 1-2 days. Easy rinse off with warm water when you are ready to remove. 
We can create a dramatic heavy look without causing any damage  to your natural lashes.

Why us?
We care about your lashes. 
We will recommend a set that best suits your natural lashes and not our pockets.
Thick lashes is not an option for fine or brittle  natural lashes.
We do not offer heavy semi permanent lashes as these can cause permanent damage to your lash follicle.
We have over 10+ years experience in lash application.

After Care
-As tempting as it can be, DO NOT touch, fiddle, pick. or pull. This will gradually loosen the bond and could result in damage to your natural lashes.
-NO, steam, water, heat, makeup remover, mascara or sweating for the first 24 hours. (These can all be factors to shortening the life span of your lash extensions throughout their lash life).
-NO, saunas, waterproof mascara, oil or oil based makeup removers throughout your lash extension life.  
-A lash brush will be supplied with your set for gentle daily combing. 
-DO NOT, attempt to remove them yourself. They need to be professionally removed in the event they are causing irritation or no longer required.

West Auckland Beauty Salon.


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