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Cosmetic eyebrow tattoo

Enhance your natural eyebrows, whether you suffer from hair loss, such as Alopecia, have patchy, uneven, over plucked brows or just simply need a new shape!

Who is this suitable for?
Cosmetic eyebrow tattoo are suitable for most skin types. However very dry skin or acne prone skin  will affect the way the pigment holds & lasts.  

How long does it last?
Approximately 12-24 months depending on the how your skin heals, your skin type & what your skin is exposed to.
Sun exposure & some beauty products can breakdown pigments sooner. Over time, the pigment will completely fade.

How many sessions do i need?
Generally 2 sessions are required 4 weeks apart. In some cases 3 sessions. Yearly sessions recommended to retain colour and shape. 
After the 1st session the brows will appear darker
then the final results.
The brow pigment can fade considerably after the 1st session & this can happen as early as 1 week after the procedure.
After the 2nd session the brows will again appear darker then the final results.
The brow pigment will gradually fade again leaving a full, natural appearance. 


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